• Aloe Vera Tablets

    As you read our latest article ( http://aloeverasbenefits.com/aloe-vera-capsules/ ) aloe vera tablets have great effects on your health.

    Have so many positive effect on your diet, immune system and on your whole life. But what type of pills can you buy on the market nowadays?

    There are a lots of brand and type of aloe tablets, and there are many differences between them. This article will help your way to chose the best product which will fully fit you. Every people differences we have different needs, so you probably have to try some brands, but take some time to read this article to help your decision.

    Aloe pills side effects

    Yes, I start this article with the side effects, don’t be afraid, aloe vera pills are really healthy, but some people can notice some effects, which is because your immune system isn’t get used to  aloe vera, especially if you didn’t take aloe vera ever.

    Aloe vera’s side effects always noticed in high dose aloe vera consumption, so if you take aloe vera in normal doses, there won’t be side effects

    For “beginners” whoes body isn’t get used to  aloe vera, it is important to start with very small dose, and increase the dose step by step.

    The following side effects can be noticed in high dose of aloe vera consumption:

    • stomach pain
    • cramps
    • diarrhea
    • liver injury

    As you can see, these side effects can be noticed from other medicines too, so these are just “normal effects” of medicine overdose.

    It is important, childs who under 14 years old, shouldn’t take aloe vera internally, or just in really small dose, they have greater chance to have negative effects of aloe vera consumption.

    Aloe vera pills and tablets review

    There are more types of pills on the market. There are softgels, capsules and others.

    Softgel capsules

    I think this is the best type of tablets, because these capsules are natural, contains the aloe vera fully and in it’s natural form, and easy to use. These capsules ingridents are: gelatin, glycerin, water, beeswax, silca, and aloe vera. It doesn’t contain a laxative.

    This product is from amazon, I take this personally, and this is the highest rated product you can found on the market. There are mostly (95%) positive reviews, and the negativ reviews probably because of wrong doses.

    Aloe Vera concentrate pills

    I won’t suggest this type of tablets for you. I think it is wrong to dehydrate and make powder from aloe vera, it isn’t natural. Stay away from this type of medicine, probably it is a bit cheaper than softgels, but these type of pills don’t have the same positive effects as gels.



  • Aloe Vera Capsules

    Aloe Vera capsules

    As you read the whole website, now you are probably know all the most important things about aloe vera, and about it’s benefits, and the releated products. But there is a whole new segment of aloe products, which are capsules. But what are the effects of the aloe capsules?

    Internal effects of aloe vera

    It is a good thing if you consume aloe vera internally. There are a lot of benefits of this plant; it has good effect on your immune system, help to get trough of exhaustion, refresh you. It cleanse your body, has detoxication effect, it reduces the production of gastric acid, so your stomach will be stronger, because have more time to renews itself.

    It helps you trough the allergy. And the doctors often suggest it for yellowness and liver problems.

    But, as we mentioned in our “Aloe Vera durning pregnancy article”, womans shouldn’t take much of aloe products which contain it’s shell, because the aloe’s shell contains a lots of aloin. So try to search for those products which isn’t contain the shell of the aloe vera.
    Aloe Vera softgel which isn’t contain shell (Always read the product description, because there could be changes!!!)

    Click on the picture to order

    Who have diabetic problems shouldn’t use aloe internally, because it can stimulate pancreas’ insulin production, and it can cause hypoglycaemia.

    Aloe Vera leaf and meat

    Aloe Vera leaf and meat


    Aloe Capsules

    Aloe capsules made by the aloe vera’s fleshy leaves. It is dried in frozen state, so it contains all the benefits of the organic aloe vera.

    Aloe Vera leaf and meat

    Aloe Vera leaf and meat

    The pills contains lot of vitamins like, A,B,C,E, Niacin and folic acid in high dose. This is really good, because this plant is organic (not like the other vitamins which are in dietary supplements).

    Capsules contains minerals too, sodium, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, chromium, copper, manganese and zinc, which are really important to our body’s health, and for our immune system. We can’t take all of these minerals in required dose from food. Just test yourself, take aloe capsules for a whole month, you will be more refreshed, you will get up more easily, you won’t be tired so fast, you will be energtic and concetrated, and it is not magic, these effects will be provided by these minerals. (These effects are self reviewed and really works!)

    It is easy to incorporate aloe vera capsules to your daily diet.

    Click on the picture to order



    Aloe vera capsules is a great and organic thing to make you healthier, with the sufficient attention, there are just positive effects. Everybody should try, because the effects could be various for every person, but according to my friends there are just positive effects of this plant.

    Don’t be afraid to ask us about more informations, we want to help you and make your life healthier.


  • Aloe Vera Acne Treatment

    Aloe Vera Acne Treatment

    If you want to have a clear and smooth skin then you should use an Aloe Vera Acne treatment since it is both safe and natural. Acne is a skin condition that consists of reddish and irritating skin rash that occurs on the face, neck and chest. This type of skin condition consists of different kinds of bumps which include red bumps, whiteheads and even blackheads. It is mostly found in young adults or teenagers who are going through the puberty stage. It can still develop in adults who are past 30 years of age. There a number of things that may be responsible for acne condition on the skin and include:

    1. Increased blockage of any hair follicles that usually release oil
    2. Harmful bacteria within the hair follicle areas
    3. Increased production of oil by the oil glands

    How does Acne Occur?

    The oil glands found on the skin which are known as sebaceous glands are stimulated by increased hormonal levels to produce more sebum. Sebum is a body substance that lubricates the skin. This increased production of oil clogs the hair follicle which enlarges to form bumps which may open up thus enabling bacteria to enter deeper skin layers leading to skin inflammation. The different levels of inflammation are the ones that result to whiteheads, pimples or blackheads.

    Aloe Vera Acne treatment is good for your skin because it is natural.

    A visit to a dermatologist should be considered as an alternative geared towards treatment of the acne. There are many treatment options that can be prescribed which may either be applied on the skin or taken orally excluding Aloe Vera Acne treatment which is becoming very popular.

    aloe vera and acne

    What are the different Acne treatment medications?

    The Acne treatment method depends on the whether the condition is moderate or severe since some treatment methods can only be used for mild conditions. Your doctor may also combine different treatment drugs to ensure their effectiveness. There are many treatment options that are available in the market but fall into two main categories. These include treatment using antibiotics of which a medical prescription from a qualified doctor is required. There are also other multiple over the counter medications that can be used on mild acne conditions.

    1. Antibiotics: These may be taken orally especially for serious conditions and may be combined with benzoyl peroxide to avoid developing resistance to antibiotics. Antibiotics are the single most way of treating acne apart from the Aloe Vera Acne treatment method especially if used over extended periods of time. These drugs work by reducing any inflammation as a result of bacteria in the sebaceous follicle that usually secrete sebum for hair and skin lubrication. There are a few side effects of antibiotics that include dizziness, stomach upset and increased sensitivity to the sought. If you are pregnant, you should inform the doctor so as to get the right drugs for you.

    2. Over-the counter treatment: These are medications that do not require prescription from a doctor and are usually effective on the not so serious acne conditions. These include gels, soaps, cleansers and lotions. Most of them contain benzoyl peroxide which kills any harmful bacteria associated with acne while also drying the skin thus preventing skin pores from getting blocked. There are others that contain chemicals such as sulfur as well as salicylic acid as their most active ingredients.

    Proper medication prevents the scarring effect on the skin which maintains the skin in a much better condition even after puberty. You should be careful when using some of over the counter medications since scrubbing your skin with some of them may deteriorate the acne. Most of these medications may take a long period of time to act on the acne skin condition thus requiring a lot of patience with eventual results. Aloe Vera for acne treatment is another great method used in alleviating this embarrassing skin condition.


    Aloe vera treatment products for acne

    Aloe vera treatment products for acne

    Types of Aloe Vera Acne treatment products

    Aloe Vera is well known all over the world for its massive natural healing properties. It is a natural herb that contains two compounds which include aloe gel that is used to treat skin problems and another compound known as aloe latex which is used as a laxative. Major skin care Companies are using Aloe Vera as an ingredient in their Aloe Vera Acne treatment products. These come in the form of gels, lotions, juices and even powders. The single most advantage of Aloe Vela over other medications is that it is a natural remedy that can be prepared in the house. There are many forms of aloe Vera products available in the market:

    1. Aloe Vera soap: This is one of the leading treatment methods available in the market. This kind of soap should be used to cleanse your skin twice in a day so as to reduce acne as well as maintaining the skin color.
    2. Aloe Vera gel: This is known as aloe Vera acne scars treatment method due to its ability to heal any acne scars. It can be applied on the specific area or the whole face which helps in reducing any redness.
    3. Aloe Vera Lotion: This is another remedy that helps to sooth your skin as well as opening up any pores. This helps in promoting proper skin health by allowing it to heal naturally.
    4. Homemade Aloe Vera: This is a natural Aloe Vera acne remedy method by applying the Aloe Vera juice directly on the skin. This juice is contained in Aloe Vera leaves and is obtained by squeezing the leaves. The results can be seen after a few days of application.


    Aloe vera products for acne

    Aloe vera products for acne

    There are multiple products Aloe Vera products available in the market. Dermisa Acne treatment kit is an aloe vera gel for acne that is very effective in the treatment of any blemishes as a result of the acne condition. The kit also comes along with a sulfur bar that is used for cleaning an oily skin thus preventing pimples from forming. There is also the aloe vera gel acne which is well known for its therapeutic nature. Finally, Sul Ray acne treatment soap is an aloe vera acne treatment product that clears any pimples while preventing new ones from forming.

  • Aloe Vera Saft


    What is aloe vera saft? The saft is a bit weird, non english word. Saft means juice in english, but there are so many german aloe vera saft producer, so they call it saft sometimes. I make this website based on english, because I think, so many people met with saft, and really didn’t know what it is really mean.


    What is aloe vera saft?

    So aloe vera saft (aka juice) is an aloe vera extract. Hopefully we know somethings about aloe vera, but, take a little tour, what is aloe vera, which are aloe vera’s benefits.

    Aloe Vera Saft – Bio

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera is a type of plant, which is in the family of aloe. Probably you heard about aloe vera, nowadays it gets so popular because it health benefits, but aloe vera is not a really new thing. Our ancestors used it day after day to heal their scars, wounds. At the past, they used it for just outter damages, wounds, scars, etc. But Aloe vera has inner effects too.


    Aloe Vera’s Effects and Benefits

    Aloe vera has a basic emetic and laxative effect, so it can cure your stomach’s problems, if you used it internally. Aloe Vera has mushroom killer and regeneration effect. It is an antibiotic. The aloe vera has so many enzyms, enzyms helps our digestive system and nutrion absorption system. Protects our immune system. 

    Helps our cells growing rate, and it can be used as painkiller and has inflammatory effect.


    Aloe Vera Saft’s Effects

    Aloe vera saft nearly has the same effects as the aloe vera, because you take the aloe vera (aka the aloe vera saft) internally. But the aloe saft more effects, it is concentrated and more powerful.

    The Aloe vera saft has very good absorption rate.

    You can use the aloe saft for allergy too.


  • Aloe vera and pregnancy

    Aloe vera and pregnancy

    So, as we know aloe vera is a very good herb, which have many great benefits, but can we use it during pregnancy?

    Aloe vera gels and drinks durning pregnancy

    Aloe vera gels and drinks durning pregnancy

    , but just if we take it orally. These effects can be drop in blood sugar and there can be uterine contractions. Aloe vera can cure pregnancy streches on skin, by rubbing some gel on the skin.

    No medicine during pregnancy

    But there are some doctors, who said, don’t use any medicine, or natural herb which has stronger effects durning pregnancy, just when the doctor orders it.

    No drinks and internal use

    Don’t ever try drink so much aloe vera drink or extract during the last period of pregnancy, because it can have health effects on babies. Can cause some syndroms (it is confirmed by doctors), and it can boost to much your immune system, and as you connected to the baby, it can get overdose of these benefits, and it can be very dangerous.

    In really small amount you can take aloe vera drinks,juices or concentrates, but always keep some break between the uses, and consume lesser doses.

    We can determine, aloe vera can be used during pregnancy outwardly normally, but internally have to reduce the doses, and keep some breaks.

  • Aloe Vera Gels And Plants

    Aloe vera plant

    Aloe vera plant

    Aloe vera comes in copious inconsistent forms. All the types of aloe  plants come forth from the aloe vera plant. Inside the leaves of the plant is a yellow gel influence. This gel can exhibit used now is or filtered into different products.

    Medicinal Use of Aloe

    Aloe vera is known since its medicinal properties, including treating skin problems, salutary wounds and treating intestinal problems.

    How To Use

    Plain though the gel incumbency be used away from the leaf, some of its benefits can not be used reputation this form. So, manufactures have found ways to make contrary forms of aloe vera to succor mortals get aloe vera juice problems faultless of the benefits they onus from the plant. The gel can develop veracious from the plant, seeing mentioned, however if a point does not confess an aloe vera plant then they duty also yes the gel fictional commercially. Recurrently the  gel is mixed with disparate ingredients to conclude a attached gel similar domination look also make-up to hair gel. Aloe vera guilt again symbolize trumped-up notice a concentrate. This is done by taking the inundate extraneous of the gel. Concentrate is used in making other products matching creams or in capsule to be taken for internal uses. Aloe vera juice is another popular aloe vera product. The juice is another product that trust be roused internally. The juice is made from aloe vera gel again repeatedly contains at least 50 % of the gel. The  plant is found repercussion a wide scale of products and forms, these just serve as the extremely prevalent forms.

    These are blameless a few examples of the many variations of aloe vera. The different forms of aloe vera allow it to be used both externally and internally. Aloe vera is aloe vera juice on acne deeper to many contrastive products as well. The range of uses for aloe  make it a popular trial no doer what articulation it is in. So we can have many benefits of using these products, worh a try. These products don’t cost so much money. You can find best selling products on our site.

  • Miraculous Ancient Aloe Vera Plant

    The ancient aloe vera plant has been used since the times of the Sumerians by many cultures as a medicine now all types of diseases and illnesses.

    A lot of holistic and regular doctors recognize its proven abilities in so many areas that aloe vera is being sleepy in a drink, used as a balm again in numberless other forms. It is also showing establish of being a major cancer killer.

    Aloe vera is intentional to be the emphatically important herbal lift meeting to licorice besides followed closely slow by garlic. Existent has thereupon multifold benefits:

    * Kills cancers * Lowers cholesterol * Fixes peaceable carmine * Oxygenates the blood * Reduces inflammation * Eases the pain of arthritis * Detoxifies the body * Prevents jewel study access the kidneys * Keeps the body properly alkalized * Cures digestive diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease besides ulcers * Lower high infrared exasperation * Provides giant levels of vitamins and minerals * Increases existent and radiation type burns remedial * Is antibacterial * Can be used to replace bandages and various initial aid compresses and bindings * Keeps the digestive skeleton dampish * Grinding halt constipation * Maintains a puce blood kiss comparable * Reduces diabetic triglycerides * Prevents besides cures yeast infections * Is better than any sports drink through haste * Decreases recovery time after physical or sports injuries * Moisturizes the skin * Repairs wage damage * Sooths sunburn momentarily * Boosts sweep * Cures gum diseases

    Aloe vera is considerably a plant of the God’s, containing in addition nutrients moment one explore than very much plants and meats combined. Some important examples of these aloe vera juice constipation include the meeting main ingredients:

    * Water * Minerals ( 20 ) * Vitamins ( 18 ) * amino acids ( 18 ) * Enzymes ( 200 ) * Triterpenes ( phytonutrient – lowers the blood sugar levels ) * Glycoproteins again glyconutrients * Polysaccharides * Mannose – 6 – phosphate ( polymannans ) further acemannan * Phenolic glycosides * Dihydrocoumarins

    Aloe vera was originally a native African plant, proclaimed to ancient cultures as a desert lily that gave immortality and was great because a medicine. The ancient Egyptians were the ahead to record its herbal uses for infections, parasites again burns.

    With more than five hundred genus worldwide, the plant has been mastery call owing to thousands of years, favored by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Spaniards and fashionable hunters in Africa. Aloe vera has been proven to be a altogether miraculous plant.

  • Aloe Vera cosmetics

    I must admit that Aloe Vera cosmetics are unlikely to exhibit of much interest to animals. Our pets may be appreciative a transformation aloe vera juice for weight loss command their humans, though! Forasmuch as with that in way, here’s some info about cosmetics that actually provision your skin while enhancing your looks!

    Aloe Vera Cosmetics, really good picture

    Obviously any allure regime starts with the skin, in consequence it’s no circumstance that before writing this I wrote an Aloe Vera Skincare page. If you’d cognate to interview it, please click on the tailor-made link.

    As this is primarily a website with animals in mind, I’ll unbiased spend enough future here to present you a perception of the Giant cosmetic range. Named the Sonya Colour Accumulation, these produce are full even over sensitive skins. Why? Along with pure Aloe Vera they teem with key antioxidant vitamins, herbs aloe vera juice uses and marine extracts.

    # Ideally suited to Unimpaired skin types

    # Contains Aloe Vera, marine extracts, and soothing camomile

    # Feeds and protects the skin, without clogging the pores

    # Avocado oil is decided owing to keeping lips dove-like and moisturised

    # Antioxidants: vitamins A, C, E, help protect against free basic impair

    # Cloak the apprehension of sun damage, it’s nice to understand Sonya has a natural SPF of 15 created by Forever’s Aloe Vera and antioxidants

    The best aloe vera products from amazon:


    # Atypical pigment colourings, protected to good further colours that work mask the typical organism of your coin frame giving great depth to the eyes

    # Powders for face, cheeks and perception are. 5 of a micron, thereupon they won’t knit or droop, are easy to service, pursue on longer, look more natural, shot less endeavor besides consign a professional deliver ( prevalent company’s powders are 30 microns )

    # Versatility and laissez faire of palettes takes the guesswork extrinsic of colour co – ordinating. Colours have been carefully chosen by an International flush consultant to complement the individual skin tones and flush

    # Unitary you desideratum in onliest palette, convenient for holidays, game and weekends away

    # Hypoallergenic

    # Not tested on animals

    # Whole lip products have been estimable by the Islamic Society

    # Foundation aid to powder, two products mastery unequaled, can symbolize used as a liquid foundation by mixing corporeal keep secret Spring-E Antecedent or a tinted moisturiser by combining incarnate protect Firming Foundation Lotion

    # Blushers reason being a bronzing powder ( Sienna is particularly reputable ) also all-through colour or to enhance cheek bone implication

    # Eyeshadows can equal applied as powder, or by mixing with a wet round, go on as a serum shadow or liquid eyeliner

    # Eye & Estimate Pencils soft again beautifully defining pencils which don’t flat the filthy lucre when applied, unrelated so many clashing cosmetic companies products. Opinion pencils answerability be used safely on the lips again vice versa to give a wider span of pennant

    # Lip Colours luxurious matt finish with long permanent non-drying colour. Aid warrant your lips from sun damage and cold sores. To achieve a gleaming look, just apply one of the four lip-glosses,

    or the Aloe Lips.

    JASON Aloe Vera Moistorizing Gel

  • Aloe Vera Plants – How To plant and take care of it

    It is important to take care if you buy aloe plants, always make sure you chose the right plant. Check out our tips how to chose the right aloe and how to plant and take care of it


    How to buy?

    So, the first step is to buy an aloe plant. It is very important part, lots of things can be depend on the bought plant.
    So, chose a plant which is at least 30cm tall. The leaves have to be healthy and thick.

    Where to keep?

    Keep it clear and bright place, but not under the hot sun. In winter, it needs near 5 celsius, keep the aloe in corridor or foreground, where isn’t any heater. But it needs much space, the aloe can reach 1 meter in tall, and in wide too. In summer, can be keep outdoor, but check it when it rains, because aloe doesen’t like rain.

    Aloe Vera plant

    Aloe Vera plant

    How to take care of aloe?

    We must keep in mind, aloe from South-Africa’s dyer, near desert Climate, it doesen’t need much water. It is enough if you just water it once a week. Probably in summer, check it every day, but it isn’t neccesarry.If the aloe overgrown its pot you can transplant into loose, sandy peat. The aloe grown small shoots, if these small shoots reach 15 cm, you can separate from the main plant, and they can grown themselves.

    Aloe Vera plant

    Aloe Vera plant


    Make face-mask from leaves.

    Wasp tweaks, bruises, burns can be cured by aloe vera, just cut off a small leaf, from the lower part of the plant, take the bigger and juicier leaves. Never cut off all leaves, always keep the fresh, new leaves, because these leaves will grown into bigger and juicyer leaves.

    Aloe Vera leaf

    Aloe Vera leaf

    We can extract the gel from the leaves, which is the best for our face mask. From the 2-3cm leaves just scrape out the gel, and mix it with our cream, or just rub the aloe gel into your face. It absorbs 10 times faster than the water, and the effect is instant. Don’t worry about the aloe plant (just in that case if you don’t remove the leaf, you can just extract the gel from the leaf without cut it off), the cutting what we did, will regenerate fast


  • Aloe Vera Know To(s)

    Aloe Vera can be described as a type of aloe that is mostly grown in Northern Africa. A. barbadensis Mill or A. vulgaris Lam is another name of Aloe Vera. It is a stem-less or very short-stemmed juicy plant growing to 80–100 cm tall.

    A lot of research has been done on aloe vera and proved to be very effective in the treatment of various skin diseases such as acne vulgaris, burns and eczema. Aloe vera is known to have antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal properties and can also be used to treat wounds, mouth ulcers, liver damage, gastric problems, inflammatory bowel disease and even delivers additional health benefits.

    The aloe vera plant has long been used for its healing properties. Alexander the Great used it to treat wounded soldiers, the Egyptians experimented with it in their quest for health, youth and beauty. And today we turn to aloe vera mainly to prolong youth and vitality of the skin and promote a healthy digestion. Aloe vera soothes a variety of problems related to the epithelial tissue. Our largest epithelium is the skin but also includes the lining of the digestive tract, the bronchial tree and the genital tract.

    In the days of Cleopatra and Alexander aloe vera was commonly used directly from the plant. Nowadays many of the products on the market, from drinks to pills, contain processed aloe vera extract. However, laboratory tests have suggested that in many cases the beneficial ingredients are no longer present after processing.